Fox Cheap Software in Cottonwood, Arizona - Phony QuickBooks


I paid for and downloaded a copy of QuickBooks 2013. When I tried to register it with Intuit, I was told that they already held the license.

They're response to my threat to pursue a complaint with PayPal was "Please file all the complaints you can."

These guys are crooks.

If it's too good to be true, it isn't true.

They have responded to my PayPal complaint and it will surely go to escalation.

Intuit was very friendly and helpful in dealing with this problem.

These guys are total crooks. May they rot in ***. Bye Bye That's 100 words.

Monetary Loss: $107.

Fox Cheap Software - Horrible Shopping Online Experience


After purchasing a software that was not working, no one responded to my emails. There was so customer service contact number or email to reach out and the site just generates automated responses.

After various emails, I finally got a very rude response claiming they have contacted me and I did not respond. Even after this response, they did not refund me. I told them they are scam and here is what they replied:

"We are not are scam and we dont care if you write a review about us it only increases are sales so have fun"

After this, I started threatening me personally if I follow up.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Fox Cheap Software - Terrible Customer Service in refunding

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I purchased a software a month ago from Fox Cheap Software ( . The software did not work on my MAC as it was not compatible.

I wanted to return the software as their site did not have any description that the software will not be compatible with older versions of MAC. I have been trying to contact them more than one month and still no response. There is no telephone number and the email provided will just return an automated response and no one will get back to you.

It has been an awful experience. Don't be lured by their cheap products.

Monetary Loss: $25.



I had the same experience. I got only automated responses for a month. After following up and getting frustrated, I got many rude responses and threats from their customer service.

They even took it to the point of threatening to report me as a fraud!Read bellow:

" We havent told any lies and if you keep on bother us your name and addrees and phone number will be on every fraud site every sales person we will conatct your bank and tell them the fraud you trying to pull your name will be every where"

Worst experience in shopping online!

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